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Free Courses for Ei ATS International students taking test in March 2024

Begin a transformative learning journey with subjects such as GenAI, economics, data analysis, and financial literacy across five engaging weeks. Our programmes focus on self-directed learning, mentor support, and hands-on assignments, fostering critical thinking and creativity

Junior Grade Courses (4-6) Senior Grade Courses (6-8)

Junior Detectives: Unraveling Truths in Our World

  • Critical thinking and data interpretation
  • Real-world applications of statistics
  • Interactive learning approach
  • Harnessing GenAI: Navigating the Future of Technology

  • Fundamentals of Generative AI
  • Applications in programming, data analysis, and multimedia
  • Critical analysis skills and practical mini-projects
  • Harnessing GenAI: Navigating the Future of Technology

  • Exploding dots method for conceptual understanding
  • Variables, equations, and transition to abstract algebraic thinking
  • Foster pattern recognition and problem-solving skills
  • Exploring Economics: Decisions and Impact

  • Foundational understanding of economics in daily life
  • Analysing choices, costs, and consequences
  • Critical thinking and economist's perspective
  • Storytelling Secrets: Mastering the Art of Narrative

  • Storytelling principles by Pixar
  • Character development, plot structure, and emotional connection
  • Creative expression through writing
  • Data Insights and Visualization: The Young Explorer's Edition

  • Statistics and Data Interpretation
  • Visualisation techniques for effective storytelling
  • Real-world data sets projects
  • Junior Explorers: Adventures in Scientific Inquiry

  • Scientific inquiry using household materials
  • Questions, hypothesising, and investigations
  • Introduction to tools of data collection and critical analysis
  • Financial Literacy Basics: Introduction for Young Learners

  • Foundations of financial understanding
  • Budgeting and daily life money skills
  • Practical financial activities for responsible money management

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